09/25/2008The Good Stuff Company has acquired Basic Fun, Inc.
01/30/2008Electric Cars sold as Cell Phones
- Automotive.com
01/30/2008Israel Signs Up to Become Electric Vehicle Epicenter
- Ecogeek.com
01/28/2008Renault-Nissan and Project Better Place prepare for first mass marketed electric vehicles
- CSR Europe
01/28/2008Giving Up Oil
- Toledoblade.com
01/24/2008Project Better Place: The Back Story
- EVWorld
05/06/2005Simona and Jerome A. Chazen: A lifelong love for the arts creates a powerful legacy
- University of Wisconsin-Madison
05/03/2004Making records d'Or; Indie label shows majors a profitable alternative
- Crain's New York Business


Museum of Arts & Design Announces Lead Gifts To Capital Campaign For New Building Project
- Museum of Arts & Design


Hunts Point Revitalized By Affordable Housing
- NY1


Due diligence replaces `just do it'; entrepreneurs scramble for funds
- Crain's New York Business


Technolgy 100 - The Leaders who will shape New York
- Crain's New York Business


The party's definitely over at the venture-capital well. Cash is still there, but the purse holders say it's the Net firms with "infrastructure" that will be allowed to dip in.
- WWD Online


Old execs, new tricks - Retired Fortune 500 CEOs invest in, advise dot-coms
- Crain's New York Business


Life After Boo
- The Standard


Ground Broken At Chazen Homes
- New York City Partnership


New investors scramble to find next Alley champions Ex-corporate chiefs, Wall Street angels pour in their money; are they too late?
- Crain's New York Business


LBO Chief Inspires Friends In High Places To Pitch In
- Crain's New York Business